Words in the Mind: A Workshop on Experimental Morphology

Words in the Mind: A Workshop on Experimental Morphology

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Words in the Mind

A Workshop on Experimental Morphology

The mental lexicon is a captivating field of study, more frequently explored by psycholinguists and neurolinguists than by theoretical morphologists. 

While linguists typically explore individuals' lexicons within theoretical frameworks, with a predominant focus on morphology, the integration of experimental methods into this exploration remains a relatively new endeavor.

This introduces procedural complexities and technical challenges. Investigating the processes underlying word selection and lexical access requires a diverse range of expertise. While phonology and semantics are frequently studied in language processing, morphology is still gaining attention. However, noteworthy studies have demonstrated that word processing involves morphological analysis (cf. Feldman, 2013; Clahsen, 2016, Gagné, 2017; Tucker, 2019).

This workshop proposes an insightful exploration of Experimental Morphology, bridging theoretical insights with empirical investigations and fostering fresh perspectives and discussions, along the following topics:

     1. Discussion of Morphological Processing from a Linguistic Perspective:

- Is morphological analysis essential for word comprehension?

- Under what circumstances is morphological analysis utilized or bypassed?

- Which morphological features directly influence word processing?

- How do non-morphological word features (e.g., word length, word frequency, word meaning) impact morphological processing?

     2. Showcasing Leading Research:

- Providing a platform for participants to present their experimental morphology research, enabling idea exchange, feedback, and identification of future research directions.

This workshop is hosted by the 21st International Morphology Meeting 


CALL FOR PAPERS (open until 30/11/2023): https://easyabs.linguistlist.org/submit/WoMi



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21st International Morphology Meeting - WU Wien



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